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Alanor Aetaren
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Alanor Aetaren

Species (Naro or Krishi Subtype):

Age(Child, Adolescent, Adult):

Size (Small, Medium, Large):



Alanor is on the large size for an aviar, sitting comfortably in the medium category. Elegant feathers coat his entire body, shifting between brown, cream, and green. Long, wispy-like feathers trail off of his head, almost shaped like leaves. When he flies through the air he can look like a streaming vine if one isn't paying close attention. When he spreads his wings in the sky he is a sight that cannot be ignored. His eyes are a deep chocolate brown.

Alanor on the outside is a quiet, composed individual with a smile on his face and a distant look in his eyes most of the time. He struggles holding conversations and often goes off on a tangent, mumbling to himself and losing focus as his mind takes him in seemingly random directions. He's always searching for a new thing to learn about and loves the natural world around him.

Alanor isn't really in touch with the social world around him. He often loses track of conversations, forgets previous obligations, and hates confrontation. His favorite place is away from others, particularly where it is quiet and sunny. He loves to observe others from a distant, seeing it as another thing to study and learn about more than them being an actual individual. He often speaks impulsively to others, not thinking of potential consequences beforehand.

A visceral fear he cannot control is fear of thunder. Rooted in a traumatic childhood event, Alanor will not be found in the skies when thunder sounds. It causes a physical reaction and occasional panic attacks if he's caught in the sky when thunder starts rumbling. He often strays away from the southern border of the Emerald Forest, because rolling sounds from the Boiling Steppe can occasionally travel into the branches of the trees.

Strengths :
  • Intelligent
  • Composed
  • Aware
  • Physically weak, not well versed in fighting
  • Nonconfrontational
  • Often gets lost in his own world
  • Thunder
  • Large groups
  • Being controlled
Alanor was born and raised in Silvestria with parents who are no longer around. He worked diligently as a Silvestrian and rose up the ranks with his sister, Nerine. After discovering Elkin's dead body with Nerine standing over it, he exiled her for the murder of their leader. He then, feeling his own scholarly mind not fit to rule Silvestria, nominated Monti Bellanus for the leadership position. Now he lives as a mid-ranked Silvestrian, spending most of his time researching.

Spells: must be purchased
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