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Species (Naro or Krishi Subtype):

Age(Child, Adolescent, Adult):



Aera is a primarily black sirgu with white stripes and spots. She has a patch of white that runs across her face. Her teeth, spikes, and claws are ivory and her eyes are a distinct yellow. Many scars can be found on her body, including a notch in her left ear.

Her upbringing left her with little sanity to draw from and utilize in her own life. Since her bloody childhood and adolescence, Sphaeram has lived alone in the Lawless Lands. She's avoided longterm relationships with anyone and is flighty whenever she feels herself getting close to another creature. Solitude is her safe place. When she does interact with others - which is frequent despite her detached nature - they are commonly left bewildered, confused, or dead. She kills for the thrill of it, perfecting her techniques and thriving off the power she feels from ending another's life. Her kills are always quick and neat. An untidy kill can send her into a destructive rampage. She has no tolerance for ineptitude, and strives for perfection in everything she does.

Naturally, she's terrible with children and is easily annoyed by others. She constantly talks to herself and many of her words are short, choppy, and occasionally incomprehensible. She has moments of "lucidity" where she almost seems "normal", but those moments are few and far in-between. They can dissolve without warning. She is truly a ticking timebomb and not one to be messed with.

Strengths :
  • agile
  • practiced killer
  • knowledgable in anatomy
  • terrible at socializing
terrible at socializing
  • struggles to form legitimate connections with others
  • cannot handle messy situations
  • mess
  • her father
  • large crowds
She lived with her mother until she was just barely a month old. On the day she made her first kill - a lizard that had made its way into her den - a monstrous beast tore through her home and slaughtered her mother. The kill was messy, blood strewn everywhere across the small den Aera knew as her home. The beast was another Sirgu and claimed to be Aera's father.

Now that the bitch is out of the way, you'll be coming with me now, my little weapon. You shall be known as Kisha.

B-but mother called me Sphaeram.

You think I give a fuck what that bag of meat called you? The roar had been accompanied by a harsh swipe across her face. It scraped across her eye, but she'd shut them tight in time to save her sight. One of the first of many scars.

She didn't say another word. She grew up and learned to kill as Kisha. Her father taught her the brutish ways of fighting, and was none-to-kind if Kisha disobeyed, failed, or if the weather was bad. She was his punching bag, dagger, and minor annoyance. She knew there was nothing more between them.

Ever since getting drenched in her mothers blood, Kisha tried to avoid touching the substance. Her father picked up on her aversion and used it to punish Kisha when she performed poorly. She never got used to it.

One day, Kisha tried to run away. She thought she had learned enough of the arts of killing, stalking, and hunting to be free of her father.

She was wrong.

He found her, and from then on - unless she was on an assignment from him - she was tied at the neck with thorny vines, attached to her father.

Her second escape attempt left her incapacitated for weeks, and when she finally was healthy enough to stand, her father had coerced a earth elementalist to encase her paws in stone. He then killed him right before Kisha and left her to her own devices for another week, before breaking the stone, teaching her a lesson, and giving her an assignment that would kill her if she failed.

She succeeded, and did not try to escape anymore.

One day, her father vanished. There was no trace, and even Kisha - who learned from him - could not track him down. She desperately tried to, not wanting to anger him if he found her later on, but he was nowhere. There was nothing but a single patch of his fur stuck on a cactus at the edge of the Kalune desert - barely holding his scent and not covered in any blood - to show even a hint of where he might have gone.

Kisha hid for a month after that. Searching, hiding, searching, hiding. Eventually she developed a tenuous acceptance that he was gone. She struck out on her own, giddy with her excitement and yearning for a kill. A clean kill. One her mother would be proud of. She began to go by Aera - the shortened version of Sphaeram that her mother had referred to her by. And to this day she prowls the Lawless Lands.

Spells: None for now