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Nayth Lavari
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Nayth Lavari

Species (Naro or Krishi Subtype):

Size (Small, Medium, Large):
Medium ~150lbs 6ft

Age(Child, Adolescent, Adult):



Nayth is a 6ft naro with lean muscles across his figure. He is toned from the manual labor he does - simple tasks like moving materials from one area to another. His hands are deft and quick from practicing his harp, and his rhythm is probably his most impressive skill. He has no tattoos on his body and has extremely light green eyes. He typically wears arctic fox furs of greys and whites, covering up his torso down to his knees and arms halfway to his elbow. His long black hair is often worn in braids with gems and stones woven into hit.

Nayth is a kindhearted spirit who aims to please. His lack of coordination and clumsiness work against him, however. He's always there with a pleasant smile and a kind word - if you're close enough to hear it. He tends to be quiet and hates confrontation. He will do anything to calm the waters. If he is given a task, he will do whatever it takes to complete the task. Despite his lacking skillset, his determination does allow him to eventually accomplish his duties. He will work long into the night, but is always careful to have a torch with him so that he is not stranded in the darkness. He loves to weave in his free time and has created beautiful packs and baskets for those in his group. He has mediocre skill with tanning hides. He hates killing and subsequently hunting. Many will find him crying in his cave the night after a big hunt - mourning the lives that were lost.

Moving with Nerine to Abyssia was his most daring venture yet. It is in a land filled with much of his fears, and getting over them has been a challenge. His main goals in life are to learn to ride his stallion - Everlight - and be a good member of his new home.

Strengths :
  • Kind
  • Dependable
  • Intelligent
  • Clumsy
  • Indecisive
  • Quiet
  • Darkness
  • Sharks
  • Being Alone
Nayth Lavari is the son of Elkin - the late 6th leader of Silvestria. When it came out that Nerine - a Silvestrian Nayth had admired - was exiled for murdering his father, he simply could not believe it. As such, he left along with the other Silvestrian's who believed her innocence. He took along his great stallion Everlight, a black fresian passed down to him. Everlight was Elkin's horse, and Nayth always dreamed of riding him. Alas, it escapes his skillset, and to this day he struggles to learn to ride without getting knocked off.

Spells: must be purchased
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