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Name: Nerine (Nerine, Eri, Rin) Aeteran
Species: Krishi, Wolvin
Age: Three years
Pronouns: She/her
Sexuality: Unknown

Personality: Her graceful and nearly delicate appearance foolishly implies a softer demeanor that in actuality, is nearly void from her pessimistic personality. Reclusive and straightforward, the angelic appearing canine struggles to open up emotionally and trust even her most loyal colleagues. Following her banishment, these negative traits have hardened, solidifying, and worsening into a revenge-fueled creature. Terrified of her own vulnerability, she bottles her emotions and insecurities to put on a facade of confidence and strength. A survivalist to the core, Nerine doesn't shy away from difficult decisions or immoral methods, although she's not immune from the guilt of said choices, which often haunt her slumbers. While she prioritizes the overall health of her group above most, she's not sacrificial and will selfishly protect herself in the face of true danger. Likely a result of her hidden self-doubt, control, and organization is very important to the female. She often seeks respect as a silent reassurance to her leadership and therefore those who question her rule or disobey her orders are often met with quick punishment. If she's ever capable of breaking her wall of mistrust and paranoia toward someone, she becomes very attached and almost dependent on them to an unhealthy degree.

Appearance: Being of the wolvin species, Nerine possesses the signature coat of silk commonly seen throughout the class. While having two Rapunzel-like tails, the female generally keeps them tied together with ribbon, giving off the appearance of a singular, long and fluffy tail. Her coloring is similar to that of an albino, solid white with the faintest hue of pink from the near-translucent strands settling atop pale skin. The only exception to this is a few patches of mottled black, which occupy her pink tongue, her pale antennas, and a small patch along the mane of her neck and shoulder. These marks essentially look as though a fresh canvas gobbed with ink. The leader is very slender in comparison to most Wolvin, being of lighter weight and thinner bones. She radiates both beauty and mystery, bright and alluring to the eyes but ghostly enough to quickly disappear behind morning fog. Apart from her tails, which have fur long enough to nearly drags across the sands, the female also has flowing fur along her elbows, hindlegs, spine, and of course those wolvin ear tufts.

  • Elegant
  • Organized
  • Resilient
  • Insecure
  • Paranoid
  • Closed-minded
  • Being abandoned and/or manipulated
  • Vulnerability
  • Drowning
Backstory: [Very compressed for the time being] After being framed for the death of Silvestria's late leader, Eri was booted from her position of deputy and banished from the Emerald Forest. Strewn from familiar lands and the protection of her former group, the pale wolvin soon became malnourished and sickly. She was later found and nursed back to health by a strange band of rogues with an overly abusive leader and traditions that were vastly different from those back in her former home. Eventually usurping the cruel dictator, Eri took control and Abyssia was soon born. Adopting the beliefs of the rogues now serving as her clanmates, the bicolored canine now looks to Silverstria with vengeance. Every day Abyssia grows and every day she grows closer to wiping out the group that betrayed her.

Spells: None for the time being.