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Monti Bellanus
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Monti Bellanus

Species (Naro or Krishi Subtype):

Age(Child, Adolescent, Adult):

Size (Small, Medium, Large):
Large ~180lbs, 4ft



Monti is a large wolvin with a strong body. His base coat is a soft creme, while auburn hair stretches along his spine and swirls down into the cream of his sides and belly. The auburn continues down his three tail and over his head, giving him a very handsome coat. His eyes are a lovely amber that seem to burn with their own light. Dark tips accent his tails, ears, and antennae. He truly is one handsome fella.

Many would describe Monti as a warm ray of sunlight. A brilliance that helps give life to those around him, but is hardly tangible. Monti is not fake, but he does not tether himself tightly to any other living being - no creature, at least. He is easy going, loves to have fun, and hates any chains of emotional attachment. Once those chains do form, Monti has a hard time breaking himself free of them... as in, if he falls, he falls hard. His true loyalty, once earned, is a practically unbreakable bond.

Monti has a passionate personality shining brightly beneath his calm exterior. His main alliances are with himself, perhaps only second to the forest in which he lives. He loves the life and the cultivation present in the luscious Emerald Forest, and finds his loyalty to the trees separate from his loyalty to Silvestria. He does not try to hide this behind a farce. There is a reason he is only trusted with the lower ranks of Silvestria. If he cares about something strong enough, he will fight for it with his words, his teeth, and his claws. It takes a lot to shake him from his calm reverie, but once you do you have a spectacularly angry wolvin against you. He will go to any extent to protect what he believes to be right.

Strengths :
  • Independent
  • Easygoing
  • Charming
  • Detached emotionally
  • Spacey
  • Aimless
  • Emotional attachment
  • Fire
  • Travelling outside the forest
Monti is a descendant of the first leader of Silvestria. He holds the Bellanus surname proudly and his happy to be the head of the family. That being said, growing up he never formed strong attachments with others. His parents joked of him loving grass and trees more than other living beings. While amusement was their aim - Monti didn't really disagree. He loves the forest and has hardly stepped more than a foot outside of the border's edge. Far-reaching patrols are usually not on his to-do list. He is comfortable with the trees and feels as if they are an extension of himself.

When Elkin was murdered, Monti stayed specifically apart from the proceedings and exiles that followed. When asked his opinion on events, he would shrug off answering in-depth and always revert back to saying how glad he was that the forest didn't fall with it.

Spells: must be purchased
Wolvin, 180lbs | Character Information | Member of Silvestria
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