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This topic is your one-stop-shop for all things relating to navigating the site.

First, if you haven't, join us on DISCORD! Discord link:

Much of the information on Elioris that likely will NOT change can be found in pages rather than in topics. All of these pages can be found in the Page Directory for you to navigate at your leisure. Appropriate links to important pages will also be found within forums themselves. Important pages are listed at the top of the site or in the top left menu when overflow happens (this usually happens on mobile).

The Board Index lists all of the categories. Beneath the categories are their respective forums. Within the forums are topics for that forum. Below is a brief description on the main purpose for each category and forums held within.

- - - - - - - - - -

CATEGORY: Forestry Services
  • A place for members to introduce themselves, ask questions, and create their characters.

Welcome Willow - Here members can create a new topic in order to introduce themselves to others on the site.

Wise Elderwood - A place for any questions members may have. Simply post a topic with your question as the Subject and a member will be along soon to help you out!

Elioris Character Creation - This is where character applications should be posted. The application can be found HERE. Once 3 have been approved, you no longer have to wait for approval and should post any new character forms HERE.

- - - - - - - - - -

CATEGORY: Community Grove
  • Out-of-character (OOC) topics can be found here. The forums within allow for chatting, shopping, sharing, and storing a multitude of different information.

Wild Cherry Chatter - Topics consist of chats! These chats can be ANYTHING! Pokemon, Elioris, life. Just be sure you're following site rules. Have fun getting to know the community!

User Shop Copse - There are many fantastic artists that spend their time on Elioris. Feel free to offer or request art within topics in this forum. Elioris is not responsible for any paid transactions.

Leaves, Sticks, and Twigs - Don't know where a certain thread should go? Post it here! Some store character art or other miscellaneous information. These topics don't usually get responses from members, as this forum is primarily for storing information that has no other place on the site. It's a happy mess in there!

- - - - - - - - - -

CATEGORY: Forest Trailhead
  • The potential last stop before hopping into the roleplaying world! Here you can plot with other members and adopt out characters! A lot of plotting also goes on in our discord, so don't be afraid to join us!

Adoption Orchard - If your character is having children and wants to adopt them out to other roleplayers, you can create a form and post it here! Usually groups have Mass Adoption threads, where those looking to find a character with prior connections can go and apply. Applications can be first come, first serve OR can go through a process where at the end roleplayers are chosen based on their applications. Each thread has their own rules, so be sure to read through them before applying!

Plotting Pine - If you are looking for someone to join you in a specific plot, feel free to post the plot and its details here! Plotting is also done on discord.

- - - - - - - - - -

CATEGORY: World of Elioris
  • All of the forums within this category consist of in-character (IC) posts. This is where the roleplaying happens! You must have an approved character before roleplaying. Character applications can be found HERE and all roleplayable creatures can be found HERE

Silvestria - The oldest group on the site. A forest-dwelling tribe set within the Emerald Forest. Information on the group and landmarks can be found HERE.

Abyssia - The second oldest group on the site. A coastal group that lives in a harsh environment and follows intense traditions. Information on the group and landmarks can be found HERE.

Lawless Lands - A land without a set group, filled with dangerous rogues and solitary folk. Information on this territory can be found HERE.
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