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Alanor Aetaren
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Alanor Aetaren

Species (Naro or Krishi Subtype):

Age(Child, Adolescent, Adult):

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Alanor is on the large size for an aviar, sitting comfortably in the medium category. Elegant feathers coat his entire body, shifting between brown, cream, and green. Long, wispy-like feathers trail off of his head, almost shaped like leaves. When he flies through the air he can look like a streaming vine if one isn't paying close attention. When he spreads his wings in the sky he is a sight that cannot be ignored. His eyes are a deep chocolate brown.

Alanor on the outside is a confident, composed individual with a smile on his face most of the time. He is quick to engage in conversations and loves to get to know others. He's always willing to sacrifice his time to help others, especially if it will improve his public image.

On the inside, Alanor isn't as straightforward. His ambition for power has caused him to overlook things at times. He is constantly worried about how others view him, an anxiety that will chase him into his dreams. He's not fake, however, and while he cares about his reputation he also genuinely cares about others.

If his anxiety isn't keeping him up at night, his worry over someone else's problems is. He wants everyone in Silvestria to thrive, and as such he tries to get into everyone's business. This can cause him to appear nosy and meddlesome, but he truly means no harm and believes the more he knows, the better he can lead.

When it comes to making things better, he often does come up with good ideas. His biggest flaw is in enacting them, as sometimes his impatience causes him to jump the gun and move too quickly.

His fears revolve around his anxieties. He is afraid of being worthless, of failing, of being unloved. Another deep rooted fear is his fear of being controlled, both by substances and by individuals. As such he will stubbornly stick to his own ideas and is quick to think he's being manipulated. He prides himself with his awareness, however, which helps keep that fear in check.

A visceral fear he cannot control is fear of thunder. Rooted in a traumatic childhood event, Alanor will not be found in the skies when thunder sounds. It causes a physical reaction and occasional panic attacks if he's caught in the sky when thunder starts rumbling. He often strays away from the southern border of the Emerald Forest, because rolling sounds from the Boiling Steppe can occasionally travel into the branches of the trees.

Strengths :
  • Ambitious/Empathetic
  • Composed
  • Aware
  • Ambitious/Empathetic
  • Impatient
  • Nosy/greedy
  • Thunder
  • Being worthless/failing/being unloved
  • Being controlled
Alanor was born and raised in Silvestria with parents who are no longer around. He worked diligently as a Silvestrian and rose up the ranks with his sister, Nerine. After discovering Elkin's dead body with Nerine standing over it, he exiled her for the murder of their leader. He then stepped up as the next leader of Silvestria, and this is where he begins his story.

Spells: must be purchased
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